Every year there are more and more people who obtain information mainly from the Internet. Currently, 40% of the population uses the Internet on a regular basis. Therefore, it is a clear signal for enterprises in which direction it is worth developing marketing activities in order to attract new customers. Are they really needed for the company to generate profit?

Why advertising is important
An entrepreneur must be aware that his target group, regardless of whether it is the rich or the middle-class, is constantly flooded with various offers from companies. And without participating in this race for a client, he may never learn about the company’s offer or the company itself. However, advertising is uneven in advertising, and this applies to both the power of impact on the recipient and the form of communication, or the selection of appropriate media.

How to advertise
Marketing is an effective leverage of trading, but only if it is well planned, from start to finish. Therefore, it is worth determining what result of marketing activities will be satisfactory. Then, define the actions that need to be taken in order to achieve it in an estimated manner. If an entrepreneur wants to enter the market in an aggressive manner, i.e. as a new player, he wants to obtain a good opinion and an established position as soon as possible, then professional help will be needed, for example in the form of a marketing agency. However, if the entrepreneur does not have such an expansive approach and prefers to focus on gradual development, then he may invest small amounts in specific activities that will generate profit over time.

When the entrepreneur advertises himself
The most popular way of promotion is to use the aforementioned potential of how many people use the Internet. It is less than half of the population, so a lot. You can promote yourself online in many different ways. One of them is, for example, advertising on transport packaging. For example, on the cardboard boxes in which we ship our products. You can order the manufacturer of the packaging to print our logo, advertising slogan, etc. on the cardboard. Another idea is to run a website that will be focused on the sale of goods or services. In order to reach as many recipients as possible, various types of SEO / SEM activities are used in this case, i.e. related to website positioning and optimization. Another equally promising solution is the presence on various internet portals that will help build a network of recipients interested in the entrepreneur’s offer. These are both social networks and websites where you can post various presentations or trainings. Corporate blogs are becoming more and more popular among companies promoting themselves on the Internet. Thanks to them, recipients are kept informed about all the news and events in the life of the company. Therefore, there may be entries in the form of reports from trade events, announcements of new products, or detailed technical information about those goods that are already available for sale. The success of a corporate blog is due to the fact that the entrepreneur can make real contact with the recipient by providing comprehensive answers to the questions asked.

Success without advertising
There are cases where the company achieves success on the market without taking any special promotional and marketing activities. However, such situations occur very rarely and most often the reason is a happy coincidence of various circumstances. They include the popularity of the trend on the market, which the offer just fits into, or the philosophy of the company. In addition, a brand can gain value thanks to the good opinions of customers who have taken advantage of its offer. However, for this to be possible, the enterprise must first appear in the minds of the recipients.

There is no success without happiness
However, it should not be forgotten that even the best-planned marketing strategy and the best-arranged advertising are not a guarantee of success. It is only a support for the company, which, above all, must demonstrate reliability, good selection of the target group for its products, and excellent customer service. Otherwise, the ad will not have positive effects and may even harm.