Novice web developers are a special category. As the well-known proverb says, the hardest thing is to take the first step. After that, it will become easier and easier to perform the next steps.

In addition, over time you will gain experience, and thus your practical skills and self-confidence will increase. You certainly do not need to be afraid of this task, because with time everything will become easier and the work will get faster and will start to provide pleasure. What should you do before you go to work? Here is the list of tasks.

Define the purpose of the site

This is the first step that seems so obvious that it is often overlooked. It happens that the creators, while wondering how to create a website, forget to answer an important question: what to do a website and what should it be used for?

Basically, we can divide sites into two categories: commercial sites and non-commercial sites.

In the first case, it is about business activities. The ultimate goal of the website will be to make money. However, we can distinguish several types of such sites. The most obvious way to earn money is to create a sales page where you will offer a specific product or service. An online store is a more extensive version of such a website. Here, the user can choose from a whole range of products.

However, commercial sites are not only those where direct sales are possible. Every entrepreneur needs at least a business card page, i.e. a landing page, where he will present his offer and show where the company is located.

The second type of website are non-commercial websites. These can, in turn, be divided into two categories. The first one includes various types of foundations, associations and non-governmental organizations. In their case, the purpose of creating the website will be similar to the company’s image website. Its task will be to build awareness of the existence of the organization, show its goals, mission and values.

Another type is private party websites. There are many reasons why users want to create such a site. Most often, however, it is about sharing your interests or opinions with the world.

If you have defined the purpose of the site, you can go to work. What then do you have to do now?

Prepare a site plan

It is better to plan every complicated activity before starting the activity. It is no different in the case of website design. How to make a website if you don’t know what’s on it? This is practically impossible. Therefore, it is one of the most important steps in the entire process. What does it look like in practice?

Think about what elements should be on your site. It will be so easy that you have already defined the purpose of the page. It will depend on him what elements will be on the finished website.

Find a website builder

You have several options for building your website. To help you decide how to create a website, I will cover them briefly. I think that thanks to these short descriptions you will decide faster and easier how to make a website, even if you do not have any experience in this aspect yet.


This is the oldest way to build a website. One of the programming languages ​​is used here. The primary language is HTML. Others used for this purpose are JavaScript, CSS or PHP. Coding is not an easy task. This is mainly done by professional programmers or really advanced enthusiasts. It takes many years to learn to code. So it is not a good solution if we want to quickly create a professional website that will be user-friendly.


Content Management System, i.e. a content management system. These are solutions designed to speed up the page creation process. In a CMS, the appearance of the page is separate from its content. This means that posting new subpages and articles or modifying existing content is much faster and easier than with coding.

WordPress is currently the most popular solution of this type. It offers many free and paid templates on which the user can place any content – texts, graphics or videos. Unfortunately, this solution is not without its drawbacks. Pages created on templates are similar to each other. Of course, it is possible to modify the pattern, but it requires coding skills. To sum up, with the use of CMS we will create a website that is either very similar to others or difficult to create.

Order of website execution

This option seems to be the easiest. It is enough to entrust the entire task to a specialist. Then you don’t have to wonder how to make a website anymore. Unfortunately, the reality is not so rosy.

Creating a website is quite a long process. Constant consultations with the web developer who will undertake this task are necessary. At the beginning, you need to convey our assumptions to him, and then monitor the progress of work on an ongoing basis, and even change the concept of the website. Besides, commissioning a professional to build a website comes at a cost. And these are quite big. Even in the case of a simple website, they reach several thousand zlotys.

Website builders

This solution should pay attention mainly to people who have no experience in creating websites. The first advantage of wizards is the ease of use. In most of them, you can even create a fairly complex website without coding. Read here about best website builder

In addition, wizards are WYSIWYG tools, i.e. what you see is what you get. This means, when you create a page, you can see how it will look from the user’s point of view.