Apparently, it is not the packaging that counts, but only its contents. Nothing could be more wrong! Even an ordinary box, at first glance, can be a work of art on its own. What is more, it is not only a value in itself, but also can affect the attractiveness of what is inside.

Hand-made packaging
Recently, hand-made packaging has become very fashionable. How much joy it is to prepare such a box on your own! Whenever we have time and appropriate skills, we can choose from patterns, colors, ribbons, beads or bows – the possibilities are endless, they only depend on our idea or occasion. But what if we wanted to make such packaging a little more? We probably couldn’t have prepared them ourselves. In this case, we are looking for a company that will meet our requirements.

There are many companies on the market that deal with the production of storage systems, but not all of them adapt their offer to customer requirements, and there are definitely too few of them on the market. One of them is WOK cartons – a producer of cardboard and cardboard packaging, also those in non-standard sizes. Professional equipment and technical facilities allow us to produce any type of packaging of any shape. Imagine that you want to make a loved one (or loved one) a surprise that requires a unique warp. In such a case, unconventional packaging seems to be an appropriate solution.

But let’s think more globally, let’s say maybe as entrepreneurs, we want to make a positive aesthetic impression on the customer. What should i do? You will probably surprise! What? Maybe an original product packaging design? Guaranteed success. Unique companies, such as WOK, cardboard boxes use only the highest quality materials, and the projects are carried out by experienced and qualified staff, ready to take on the biggest challenges, even if it would mean producing, according to our idea, a small number of items with very unusual dimensions and shapes. But tell me for yourself, something is missing here, right? You will probably ask: what about the imprint? If we wanted a packaging in colorful polka dots, is it possible to implement such an idea? Of course! For experts, nothing is impossible. There are ready-made patterns to choose from, and you can also take advantage of the ingenuity of the “court” artists-visual artists. Or maybe you will create something together? Remember, there are no insurmountable barriers in the creative world.

There has to be a catch here, says the confused client. Oh no! If we say that barriers do not exist, then the world of challenges lies ahead – whether it is a box for storing small items or a large cardboard box the size of a large, three-door wardrobe with a mirror. Take, for example, such a situation – moving, a matter of course quite obvious, but imagine the faces of your neighbors when you pull out a huge, pink cardboard in the shape of a flower from the truck.

To sum up, and in this seemingly innocent field, we can vent our imaginations, get carried away, surprise and delight our friends, clients, or simply make a gift to ourselves.