When arranging our office, we try to remember to create a place that will be friendly to colleagues. We select the right elements, delicate colors play the main role, we try to follow the latest trends. We remind you – the vegetation in the office is equally important!

When deciding to arrange a new office, first of all, we are looking for a place that will meet our expectations. Lighting, distance from the center, communication – these are the important elements when choosing a space for rent. Leszno offers places where you can arrange a pleasant and safe workplace. It is worth asking an experienced person for help to compare the best offers and decide on the one that will allow us to develop freely in a friendly space.

Organization of the office
Once we have the best place to rent, it’s time to organize. It is recommended to consult workplace planning with specialists: interior architect, designer. They will help you find the best solutions – so as to use the potential of the space you rent, without wasting any corner. It is very possible that already at this stage they will be eager to propose the arrangement of vegetation in the office. Instead of worrying about how many times a week we’ll have to water them – it’s better to take advantage of the benefits of a few plants in your office.

Plants in the office
Plants not only decorate the interior, they make it cozier and more visited. Their beneficial role is to moisturize and purify the air, which has a positive effect on our work and well-being. It is worth choosing such flowers and green plants that will not require special attention and will easily adapt to the new interior. It is enough to go to a gardening store to seek professional advice – not only in the selection of plants, but also in the methods of care.

A few curious plants
One of such plants, which is perfect for offices and premises, is the winged flower. This plant does not need abundant hydration and light, it blooms with beautiful, white flowers that give off a beautiful fragrance. Its beneficial side: it removes benzene and formaldehyde from the air – substances found in tobacco smoke. It also absorbs acetone and trichlorethylene from the air, which are released by monitors.

A plant that is very common in offices is the ficus – Benjamin Ficus. This inconspicuous, ornamental plant with small leaves also supports the air purification process. Like the wingworm, it removes formaldehyde, benzene and trichlorethylene from the air.

If we have a little more space in our office – let’s invite a beautiful coral palm to it. It will decorate our workplace with its unique appearance, and will take care of our health and well-being: it removes unpleasant elements from copiers, monitors and photocopiers.

When arranging a new office, it is worth remembering to arrange several pots with green plants. This will have a positive effect on our and our colleagues’ health and well-being.