Every day we make various decisions, not all of them are implemented immediately, and some of them require us to spend much more time. Sometimes it only takes weeks, often months, but it happens that we need several years to achieve the dream goal.

How do you find motivation for all of this?
Note that at the very beginning, a moment after we made the decision, the motivation came on its own and we feel full of energy to act in order to achieve the goal. With the passage of time, this motivation decreases a bit, with time we become more and more tired, it often happens that after a short time our motivation completely disappears. We envy others for success, while it is largely due to our motivation to act. Many people have problems with motivating themselves to longer plans or tasks that require much more time and our effort. There is often talk of straw fervor, we start something and do not finish. That is why it is so hard for us to be successful because we lack the basic factor of perseverance in our resolutions.

Lack of self confidence
Often the problem with motivation comes from our unconsciousness, lack of self-confidence. We simply don’t believe we can achieve this goal, even though we’re not even halfway there. Recently, many people have had a problem with this. It is visible on the forum or social networks, where specific groups are created. A perfect example here are challenges such as 30 days of squats, or performing a specific training plan in order to be able to run a few kilometers without breathlessness in a few weeks.

At the very beginning, the interest in these types of opportunities is enormous, but as time goes on, people give up. They find explanations such as lack of time or simply prefer to spend it on something else. Virtually everyone would like to feel good in their body, but only a few have enough motivation to really persevere in this type of resolution. The fact that we feel good in our own body translates into self-confidence. If we believe in ourselves, we will feel much more mentally strong, we are less likely to give up our goal. A great motivation seems to be pausing for a moment, thinking about what we were guided by when making decisions about our goal. It is worth visualizing it, and then we will rekindle our motivation to act. Of course, if you dream of a slimmer figure, you can choose a person with a pretty figure for the wallpaper on your computer.

The method of small steps
The method of small steps also seems to be very helpful. For example, if we have a problem with saving money for a car because we lack this systematicity, it is worth using this method. An example may be a piggy bank, into which we will throw change from our wallet after each purchase. It may turn out that we end up with two-zloty coins, sometimes we can get five zlotys. After a while, we won’t even have to remind ourselves of it because it will become a habit. Scientists have proven that if we do something in a sequence for a month, it will become a habit after that.

Many people do this with coffee, they start their day with it, and when it runs out, they feel distracted. If someone wants to learn motivation, it is worth taking advantage of the opportunities offered by motivational trips. More and more have been organized recently, as they are able to make people aware of the types of mistakes they make and how to deal with them. Through specific exercises offered by Holiday Travel on such trips, it will be possible to introduce specific habits, which will later play a key role in reaching the set goals.