Companies employing large numbers of employees more and more often focus on integration trips. Why organize such a trip for employees? There are several advantages to this form of spending free time. Better understanding and strengthening of ties between employees ultimately results in better cooperation, and this translates into work results. This is especially seen by large companies employing a large number of employees.

Ideas for integration trips
Due to the fact that integration trips have become an increasingly frequent option for trips, companies dealing with professional organization of this type of events have been established on the market. This helps to avoid mistakes in the organization and to avoid the problem of the lack of an idea for the place and organization of the trip for your employees. Currently, the cult idea, which is a typical hotel trip, is being abandoned, and instead it is a form of spending time together, which will actually improve contacts between employees. It is on such trips that the greatest attention is paid.

Active integration trip – what ideas?
There are a lot of ideas for an active form of entertainment during integration trips, often the employees themselves are not even aware of the presence of this form of integration. Currently, the passive form of recreation is being abandoned, which is why many active forms of spending time together have appeared on the market. Looking at the available forms of integration trips, they can be divided into several groups. The first of them are integration trips with attractions organized “outside”, that is in the fresh air. Among the proposals of this type of integration trips there are all kinds of field games, stalking, races, as well as trips to training grounds or paintball.

Forms of integration that require team collaboration are of particular importance. Attractions of similar quality are presented in the offer of indoor events. One of the forms of attractions gaining popularity recently are the so-called “Escape rooms”, ie rooms with a puzzle, the solution of which allows you to leave the room. When talking about integration trips, one cannot omit sports trips, which not only provide many opportunities for organization, but are also a pleasant form of spending time.

Why integration trips?
Sometimes it seems that team-building trips are a luxury that is not needed. However, as the observations show, companies that focus on organizing trips for their employees see the positive effects of such a trip. It is not only about having a pleasant time with your colleagues, but also about what such trips give you. Over time, you can see better communication between employees, which improves cooperation, increases efficiency, and also affects the employees’ approach to their supervisor. Integration trips have various forms and there is really a lot to choose from, it does not have to be a long, costly trip, but an equally interesting, slightly smaller form of spending time together.