Nowadays, the online store is not only a cheaper alternative to trade, but also a more convenient one. It is often the case that we do not have to physically own the goods for sale (although of course it is most desirable). We can simply sign a contract with a given wholesaler and sell its goods.

The items will be in the warehouse of the above-mentioned warehouse, and if someone wants to buy them, he does it on our website (in our online store), and the actual goods themselves are sent from the warehouse in which they are actually located. Of course, this is some form of brokerage, but the potential customer does not know about it, and we exist as a full-fledged (with a rich assortment) online store.

This is an option for those who want to run such a store, and have neither space nor money for goods. Such sales can be made while living in any city or even in the countryside. Will it be a large agglomeration (eg Gdynia, Warsaw or Kraków), or a smaller one, such as Rumia or Reda – so far the Internet is reaching everywhere. In fact, its globalization has already happened. It exists wherever there are no prohibitions on possessing it.

Increasing the sale of the assortment of the online store
As in any store (also stationary), advertising is the basis of trade. The customers just need to know we exist. Otherwise, they will not come to us (be it physically or electronically). As for the electronic contact of the customer with the seller, it takes place at the internet level. And here website positioning becomes a priority in starting any online sales. Such website positioning may be done on a third-party level. We can simply have our online store positioned to take advantage of the high ranking of websites.

It must be remembered that customers usually only open the first page of the search engine. Nobody wants to break through other results (and there can be a lot of them). So, website positioning should rather be based on outsourcing this work to an external company. After all, they know it best. Admittedly, there is nothing to prevent us from taking care of it ourselves, as long as we have time. But it’s not an easy job, and frankly – if we’re unfamiliar with it – we can do more harm than gain. It’s like trying to repair your own car without knowing it. It is known how it may end.

Any other online store advertising options?
There are many options for such advertising. We can, for example, use social networks, creating an account of our store and often uploading photos of items offered for sale. We can also (legally of course) send e-mail inquiries to random customers, while providing the address of the store’s website, etc. Generally, the idea is for everyone to know about us and for our work to give positive feedback about our store. Then the ad will be full.