Without unnecessary introduction (as the question itself is meaningful enough) in this article, we will look at the special ways that every employer can use to convince their key employees to want to stay with the company as long as possible. We should remember that every time our good employees leave, we not only weaken our company, but also strengthen the competitive position – because most often it is after leaving our company that I will support a number of employees of a competitive company.

So what to do?
One of the simplest and most often forgotten ways is to simply build the commitment of the best employees in a variety of styles. It’s best to keep them on target at all times. The aim of the work must be ambitious and developmental. Only thanks to such goals will we awaken in employees the willingness to work, to carry out the entrusted tasks in the best possible way. Another very important thing is the individual approach to each of the employees. If we forget about it, our employee will feel only as a nondescript element of the whole, a kind of machine cog, and not a man of flesh and blood, a separate unit important for the company. It is also connected with clearly defining each employee’s individual requirements and the above-mentioned goals. And also – as for the goals, each manager must remember not only about them, but also about the people themselves.

Employees feel it
Another very important thing is to provide your employee with a reliable opinion, assessment of his attitude and actions taking place as part of the tasks entrusted to him. Such feedback is of great importance for the successful cooperation. Scores, results, numbers are not everything. Building a positive relationship between the boss and the employee also seems obvious. It manifests itself, inter alia, by addressing each other with respect, keeping promises, increasing the credibility of one’s own actions through professional behavior.

Supporting the employee
It is also equally important to support the employee in the course of the activities carried out by him. Another group of important ways to keep a good employee in your company are those that directly fuel the employee’s commitment to the work and life of the company. This can be done in a very simple way, e.g. by asking the employee for his opinion on a given topic, what ideas he has and what solutions he suggests. This directly translates into the degree of employee involvement, as well as the satisfaction they feel in the work they do.

It is also important that the boss refrains from possibly assigning bad intentions to his employee. However, on the other hand, the manager or the employer should always be able to present to his employee his perspective, his point of view – thanks to this, a healthy relationship based on positive emotions and respect is built. One must be able to present why such and not other decisions are made. The employee appreciates this approach very much. And of course, everyone who translates them must not forget about the needs and feelings of their employee.

Facilitation payments
The standard way to strengthen the motivation of your employees is, of course, various types of gratification, both financial and non-financial.

This, not related to finances, will surely be an award, a diploma and verbal praise. Today, any courses or training courses are very welcome by employees. Employees also gladly accept expert badges and all kinds of development opportunities.

You can really motivate in various ways, there are no better or worse – they can only be inappropriate for the employee. Hence, we need to talk, get to know our employees, understand their needs and respond to them – this is the best way to keep the best ones in your company for as long as possible, and the weaker ones – to support and motivate them to develop, so that they also have a chance to do so. to show what they can do and give their best. Good luck!