Keeping track of working time in every enterprise, apart from the matters of work safety, which is the first priority, should be a priority. In transport companies, such recording of working time makes a given company friendly to all its employees. Employees feel good when they know that their working hours are properly calculated. Although there are employees who count their own working hours. Such an employee does not have much confidence in the employer. It is worth changing this, because trust (even on a basic level) is a priority.

How to do it?
As it is known, the records of working time – work card – of each employee must be kept in a personal form so that it is known who it belongs to. You need to issue an appropriate card for the employee’s personal data. The legislator did not provide for the model of such a card. It can be in any form. It is important that the relevant information is included in it. This is information on the working time when it takes place (Sundays and public holidays). Such a card should also include duty hours, holidays, all types of leaves (e.g. medical), leaving work (earlier and during its duration), and – this also applies to young employees – working time in prohibited or harmful work. Such an employee card template may contain a column for hours spent in harmful conditions. As you know, such work is paid with an allowance for the above-mentioned conditions.

Work cards.
Job cards may cover various periods of employment of a given employee. These are, for example, paper cards and may be valid for a year, quarter, one month, or any other period that is satisfactory to the employer. These cards contain basic information on the working time of an individual employee. Some employers use a computer system in their company that properly records the working time of all employees. It is so convenient that you can compile working hours, absenteeism and other information related to working time at different time intervals. It is possible to edit, correct or enter different information for each employee separately. In this case, the computer system is a much better solution.