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Web technologies – what to choose?


Creating web applications involves many choices, but undoubtedly the most important element is the technology on which the whole will be based. This choice is particularly difficult for small companies or start-ups with a limited budget, therefore web technologies should provide them with the highest return on each amount invested. So it is safe to say that web software is the key to success or the cause of failure. So how do you choose the most appropriate technology?


Web technologies – what to choose?

Creating web applications involves many choices, but undoubtedly the most important element is the technology on which the whole will be based. This choice is particularly difficult for small companies or start-ups with a limited budget, therefore web technologies should provide them with the highest return on each amount invested. So it is safe to say that web software is the key to success or the cause of failure. So how do you choose the most appropriate technology?

Web application development technologies


Web technologies – what are they?
Simply put, web technologies are dynamic websites combined with server-side technologies that provide functions such as interacting with users, connecting to back-end databases, and generating results in browsers. Examples of this type of application include: social networking sites, booking portals, e-commerce applications or content management systems.

Technologies in which web applications are created can be divided into two categories: technologies performed on the client side and technologies executed on the server side. The client’s site is called the frontend and covers everything that users see on their screens. The server-side programming (backend) consists of the server, the database and the applications running on it, so it is not the part that is visible to end-users. The backend feeds the client’s website, but is also responsible for functionalities and is used to create logic around the entire application, so choosing the technology is by far the biggest challenge.

Technologies on the client side
These technologies are performed or interpreted by browsers, and we usually have the option to preview the content of the code by right-clicking and selecting “View page source” from the menu. Examples of these technologies are:

  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
  • jQuery library
  • MooTools library
  • Server-side technologies

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These technologies allow the server to perform tasks to handle client requests, and it is not possible to view the content of the code from the outside.

PHP (interpreted, scripting programming language designed to generate web pages and build web applications in real time)
Zend Framework (a collection of universal PHP libraries for creating web applications)
ASP.NET (a set of technologies based on a framework designed by Microsoft.)
ColdFusion (Adobe Framework)
Ruby on Rails (open source framework for fast web application development)
Perl (interpreted, high-level, dynamic programming language)
Python (a general-purpose high-level programming language with an extensive package of standard libraries)

Web technology – what to consider when choosing?
There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to web application design, however there are factors to consider. Below are some tips to help you make the process a little easier.


Type of project
Web technology is a set of web application development tools, so you need to fully understand what you are planning to build in order to choose the right solutions. You need to choose an option that will not only provide benefits, but can cope with the complexity of the project over time. Knowing the scale is not everything – it is also important to be aware of the business goals that affect the choice of technology for development.


Time to enter the market
Time to market is an extremely important element, especially for small businesses and start-ups. If the project is to be developed and launched quickly, it is worth considering popular and proven technologies that, thanks to an extensive ecosystem, help to shorten the implementation time. The sooner you take off, the more you will overtake your competition.

Web applications are vulnerable to attacks by cybercriminals, so if you want to ensure the security of your project, it is worth making sure that you use technology without security holes. Most technologies have detailed guidelines that can help prevent cyber attacks, but no programming language can be 100% secure. It can be helpful to choose the right tool first and then follow the security guidelines to minimize the risk of threats and vulnerability.


If the number of users increases, the technology should enable the application to handle the growth, so deciding what to write web applications for is very important. Keeping an eye on your immediate needs is important, but also paying attention to your future needs is just as important. Think about scalability ahead of time and on that basis choose a solution that fits your needs.


Choosing the wrong technology for a web application – what is the impact?
You already know what a technology stack is and what to consider when choosing, but finally a few words about how the wrong technology can harm your project. The wrong choice may have a major negative impact on the final cost of the project, but also on the development of the application – both at the project implementation stage and during its development. Insufficient security or lack of adequate security can lead to data leakage, which may eventually lead to application rewriting, which generates huge costs. Don’t choose technology based on competitors’ experiences, personal preferences, previous projects, or online research. Each project is different, so an individual approach is crucial here.

Leased printer – is it worth it?


Printer leasing is a service that is becoming more and more popular, especially in office spaces, because we gain high-quality office equipment without the need to spend a huge amount of money on it. Leasing is a fairly simple service that will be of particular benefit to start-ups or small businesses. Why is it worth using the printer leasing service? What is it exactly? Leasing means renting the client for a fixed period and under certain conditions of office equipment, e.g. in the form of a printer or photocopier. Leasing can take the form of a fixed rent, as well as the customer can pay for the amount of inks and toners used or the amount of printed materials.

Printer rental – advantages

One of the biggest advantages of renting a printer, i.e. leasing a printer, is that there is no need to stock up on spare consumables, because it is the lessee’s responsibility to replenish them. The client using the leasing service is provided with free service, as well as periodic inspections of the device. If the device fails, specialists will come to the customer and repair the equipment, and in the event of more serious damage, they will take it to the service and provide replacement equipment. Printer leasing is also a great option if you cannot decide to buy a printer and you are looking for an ideal model – you can rent a printer until you meet a model that will be perfectly suited to your individual preferences.

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Modern office printers

Printer leasing is a service that allows the customer to use modern laser and inkjet printers, as well as innovative multifunction devices. When applying to the company with a desire to lease a printer, you can count on the employees’ needs analysis and then selecting the appropriate equipment. Leasing significantly reduces the costs that would be associated with the purchase of a new printer and the consumables needed for it – this way it is easier to take care of your company’s budget. Renting a printer has a lot of benefits, making it a win-win option for entrepreneurs.

Where to start creating a website?

Novice web developers are a special category. As the well-known proverb says, the hardest thing is to take the first step. After that, it will become easier and easier to perform the next steps.

In addition, over time you will gain experience, and thus your practical skills and self-confidence will increase. You certainly do not need to be afraid of this task, because with time everything will become easier and the work will get faster and will start to provide pleasure. What should you do before you go to work? Here is the list of tasks.

Define the purpose of the site

This is the first step that seems so obvious that it is often overlooked. It happens that the creators, while wondering how to create a website, forget to answer an important question: what to do a website and what should it be used for?

Basically, we can divide sites into two categories: commercial sites and non-commercial sites.

In the first case, it is about business activities. The ultimate goal of the website will be to make money. However, we can distinguish several types of such sites. The most obvious way to earn money is to create a sales page where you will offer a specific product or service. An online store is a more extensive version of such a website. Here, the user can choose from a whole range of products.

However, commercial sites are not only those where direct sales are possible. Every entrepreneur needs at least a business card page, i.e. a landing page, where he will present his offer and show where the company is located.

The second type of website are non-commercial websites. These can, in turn, be divided into two categories. The first one includes various types of foundations, associations and non-governmental organizations. In their case, the purpose of creating the website will be similar to the company’s image website. Its task will be to build awareness of the existence of the organization, show its goals, mission and values.

Another type is private party websites. There are many reasons why users want to create such a site. Most often, however, it is about sharing your interests or opinions with the world.

If you have defined the purpose of the site, you can go to work. What then do you have to do now?

Prepare a site plan

It is better to plan every complicated activity before starting the activity. It is no different in the case of website design. How to make a website if you don’t know what’s on it? This is practically impossible. Therefore, it is one of the most important steps in the entire process. What does it look like in practice?

Think about what elements should be on your site. It will be so easy that you have already defined the purpose of the page. It will depend on him what elements will be on the finished website.

Find a website builder

You have several options for building your website. To help you decide how to create a website, I will cover them briefly. I think that thanks to these short descriptions you will decide faster and easier how to make a website, even if you do not have any experience in this aspect yet.


This is the oldest way to build a website. One of the programming languages ​​is used here. The primary language is HTML. Others used for this purpose are JavaScript, CSS or PHP. Coding is not an easy task. This is mainly done by professional programmers or really advanced enthusiasts. It takes many years to learn to code. So it is not a good solution if we want to quickly create a professional website that will be user-friendly.


Content Management System, i.e. a content management system. These are solutions designed to speed up the page creation process. In a CMS, the appearance of the page is separate from its content. This means that posting new subpages and articles or modifying existing content is much faster and easier than with coding.

WordPress is currently the most popular solution of this type. It offers many free and paid templates on which the user can place any content – texts, graphics or videos. Unfortunately, this solution is not without its drawbacks. Pages created on templates are similar to each other. Of course, it is possible to modify the pattern, but it requires coding skills. To sum up, with the use of CMS we will create a website that is either very similar to others or difficult to create.

Order of website execution

This option seems to be the easiest. It is enough to entrust the entire task to a specialist. Then you don’t have to wonder how to make a website anymore. Unfortunately, the reality is not so rosy.

Creating a website is quite a long process. Constant consultations with the web developer who will undertake this task are necessary. At the beginning, you need to convey our assumptions to him, and then monitor the progress of work on an ongoing basis, and even change the concept of the website. Besides, commissioning a professional to build a website comes at a cost. And these are quite big. Even in the case of a simple website, they reach several thousand zlotys.

Website builders

This solution should pay attention mainly to people who have no experience in creating websites. The first advantage of wizards is the ease of use. In most of them, you can even create a fairly complex website without coding. Read here about best website builder

In addition, wizards are WYSIWYG tools, i.e. what you see is what you get. This means, when you create a page, you can see how it will look from the user’s point of view.

How to take care of the company’s finances – buy or rent a company car?

The company’s financial stability is the top priority. Without financial stability, the company may also survive, but not for long. Of course, every business goes through its ups and downs. The most important thing is that she should recover from these lows quickly. Staying below the so-called “Lines” and staying in an impasse can finish any business. Experienced entrepreneurs know this well and try to conduct their business in such a way that they are still “above the line” – that is, that the company’s assets are greater than liabilities.

Any company without a car would have “uphill”
Has anyone seen a company that doesn’t own a car these days? Rather, it would be a phenomenon on a global scale. Even if someone opens a company in which he only, for example, folds pens, he rather owns a car – even a private one. But the question here is not whether the budding entrepreneur has his car or not. Having any company, it is worth having a car “in stock”, as it is often the only means of transport between the entrepreneur and the customer. Even if we have our own store, it is worth having a company car, despite the fact that today every product is usually delivered by wholesalers.

Well, but if we do not need this car so much, and its purchase would freeze cash? Then it would be most reasonable to rent such a car. Will it not be too expensive for the company itself? Certainly not. If we need a car occasionally, it would be unwise to own it. Why “freeze” cash when you can spend it on other necessary purposes. And yet in every company such goals exist and there are often a lot of them, because they accumulate over time.

Company car – borrowed?
tow truck A20 Hamburg, what’s in the way? Even entrepreneurs who drive their cars several hours a day prefer to rent a car than to buy and maintain it. You should know that the car is not only fuel expenses. There are many factors to invest, and often with no benefit to the business itself. The best way to rent a car is to go to a car rental company. This is obviously logical thinking.

Is there too much moisture in your office? How can I fix it?

A room full of moisture is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a health problem. If we spend many hours a day in a room with too much moisture, sooner or later it will affect our health.

Moisture in offices is in many cases the order of the day. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to work in a modern and well-designed building. In many companies, interiors that were originally intended for other purposes are used as offices. No wonder that moisture appears in them all the time.

What causes excess moisture?
The excess of humidity in rooms is most often caused by structural defects in the building or improper use. Often the reason is inefficient ventilation, which results in insufficient air exchange between the inside of the building and the outside air outside. The reason may be too tight windows or poorly functioning ventilation ducts. You don’t have to wait long for the effects of excess moisture. Excess water vapor appears in the rooms, which condenses and settles on the walls and ceilings.

Long-lasting moisture is an excellent medium for the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi. They appear on walls and ceilings and keep growing over time. They look bad, but that’s not the only problem. Mold and fungi also have a negative impact on the health of people who stay in such a room on a daily basis. They can cause allergies, respiratory diseases, decreased immunity and general malaise. If a damp room is a workplace, it is no wonder that people working in such conditions do not feel well and do not fully perform their professional duties.

How to fight moisture in the interior?
First of all, you need to ensure proper ventilation of the room. A good solution may be to ventilate the interior regularly to ensure an adequate level of air exchange. It is also necessary to ensure efficient ventilation – all installations must be checked. It is best to entrust this task to a professional company that will deal with it efficiently and comprehensively. If the humidity is too high, it may be necessary to dry buildings, which are also handled by professional companies. By investing in drying buildings, you can be sure that in a short time the problem of excessive moisture will become less and less, and finally disappear completely.

However, despite the fact that the building will be dry, it is worth taking care of those structural elements of the building that have been exposed to moisture, mold or fungi for a long time. It may be necessary to use specialized preparations that will destroy harmful creations. Sometimes even this is not enough and it may turn out that in addition to drying, you also need to take care of a general renovation and renovation of walls or ceilings.

We arrange the office – renovation for every budget

A well-thought-out interior design is important not only in houses or apartments, but also in offices. After all, we spend a third of our day at work, so it is worth taking care to perform our professional duties in comfortable conditions.

The quality of everyday work of employees should be ensured by the owner of the company, who must provide not only the equipment necessary for the performance of professional duties, but also ensure good conditions. Office rooms should be properly arranged, taking into account all the principles of ergonomics. The better organized and planned the space, the greater the efficiency and willingness to work.

In a poor office, working conditions are also poor
Mystic Living chest of drawers 145 Cm Acacia In an office where employees spend several or even several hours a day, every detail matters. First of all – desks and chairs are important, as they must be comfortable and convenient during everyday work. Even office work, if done in a poorly decorated room, can be tiring and cause chronic fatigue. Office furniture should be functional, provide the correct posture during work, especially when working for many hours at the computer. The employer should especially take care of comfortable chairs with adjustable height or backrest position.

The colors in the interior affect the quality of work
A well-decorated office also means the right colors. It is worth knowing that the quality and efficiency of our work depends on the color of the walls. In creative thinking, subdued, bright colors help the eyes. Shades of gray, blue or green are perfect. On the contrary, they can have strong, sharp colors. Orange is very distracting, as is red.

Yellow painted walls, on the other hand, can cause anger and discouragement. Walls in rooms where you stay for many hours should not be painted in such colors. If the color of the walls in the office is not favorable, it can be changed relatively quickly and at a low cost. Painting the walls is a small cost compared to the benefits of more intensive work of employees.

You don’t advertise – you don’t exist

Every year there are more and more people who obtain information mainly from the Internet. Currently, 40% of the population uses the Internet on a regular basis. Therefore, it is a clear signal for enterprises in which direction it is worth developing marketing activities in order to attract new customers. Are they really needed for the company to generate profit?

Why advertising is important
An entrepreneur must be aware that his target group, regardless of whether it is the rich or the middle-class, is constantly flooded with various offers from companies. And without participating in this race for a client, he may never learn about the company’s offer or the company itself. However, advertising is uneven in advertising, and this applies to both the power of impact on the recipient and the form of communication, or the selection of appropriate media.

How to advertise
Marketing is an effective leverage of trading, but only if it is well planned, from start to finish. Therefore, it is worth determining what result of marketing activities will be satisfactory. Then, define the actions that need to be taken in order to achieve it in an estimated manner. If an entrepreneur wants to enter the market in an aggressive manner, i.e. as a new player, he wants to obtain a good opinion and an established position as soon as possible, then professional help will be needed, for example in the form of a marketing agency. However, if the entrepreneur does not have such an expansive approach and prefers to focus on gradual development, then he may invest small amounts in specific activities that will generate profit over time.

When the entrepreneur advertises himself
The most popular way of promotion is to use the aforementioned potential of how many people use the Internet. It is less than half of the population, so a lot. You can promote yourself online in many different ways. One of them is, for example, advertising on transport packaging. For example, on the cardboard boxes in which we ship our products. You can order the manufacturer of the packaging to print our logo, advertising slogan, etc. on the cardboard. Another idea is to run a website that will be focused on the sale of goods or services. In order to reach as many recipients as possible, various types of SEO / SEM activities are used in this case, i.e. related to website positioning and optimization. Another equally promising solution is the presence on various internet portals that will help build a network of recipients interested in the entrepreneur’s offer. These are both social networks and websites where you can post various presentations or trainings. Corporate blogs are becoming more and more popular among companies promoting themselves on the Internet. Thanks to them, recipients are kept informed about all the news and events in the life of the company. Therefore, there may be entries in the form of reports from trade events, announcements of new products, or detailed technical information about those goods that are already available for sale. The success of a corporate blog is due to the fact that the entrepreneur can make real contact with the recipient by providing comprehensive answers to the questions asked.

Success without advertising
There are cases where the company achieves success on the market without taking any special promotional and marketing activities. However, such situations occur very rarely and most often the reason is a happy coincidence of various circumstances. They include the popularity of the trend on the market, which the offer just fits into, or the philosophy of the company. In addition, a brand can gain value thanks to the good opinions of customers who have taken advantage of its offer. However, for this to be possible, the enterprise must first appear in the minds of the recipients.

There is no success without happiness
However, it should not be forgotten that even the best-planned marketing strategy and the best-arranged advertising are not a guarantee of success. It is only a support for the company, which, above all, must demonstrate reliability, good selection of the target group for its products, and excellent customer service. Otherwise, the ad will not have positive effects and may even harm.

Modernity or classic in the office?

Every self-respecting entrepreneur has an office, an office where he accepts clients or contractors cooperating with him. The office is to a large extent a showcase of the company. In some way, it illustrates the financial condition of the enterprise. If it is clean, well-kept and attractively furnished, a visit to such a room confirms the belief that we are dealing with a respectable and wealthy person. If the office is sloppy and dirty, its user does not make a good impression, it also affects the negative image of the company.

Classic furniture in the office
The most common offices, which are designed to show how wealthy and rich a company is, are furnished in a classic style. Classic furniture is or is to imitate antiques. There was a time when there was a fashion for interior design in a classic style. The offices furnished and decorated in this way were very elegant and representative. However, a visitor to such an office could feel awkward and uncomfortable in such a furnished room.

Classically furnished rooms, together with antique furniture, are usually dark, depressing rooms, in which one does not work very comfortably. If someone strives for functionality and efficiency in thinking and performing their duties, they give up the classic style. More and more often it is abandoned in favor of modernity. Simple shapes, minimalism, lack of glamor, all this characterizes the modern style, which has become more and more popular in recent years.

We focus on modernity. What should a modern office look like?
Offices in a classic, antique style with the use of real wood furniture are becoming a thing of the past. Every self-respecting and significant entrepreneur has recently focused on simplicity, modernity and spaciousness. The goal is that the office and its surroundings do not overwhelm the people in the room.

Modern office furniture is also a subconscious informing the guest who visits us that we follow the news, we are not left behind. The color of our furniture is also important. In the past, these were usually brown wardrobes, desks, and chairs. Standard color, as the main raw material was natural wood. Today, the use of wooden furniture is being abandoned in favor of plywood, strong MDF boards in various color variants.

You should also choose the right color of the walls. If they are too dark, the room will seem depressing, in which it is difficult to work effectively. Too bright and intense colors can be distracting, but also lead to nervousness and even headache. It is necessary to take care of neutral colors of furniture and walls.

Modern offices also include mirrors and glass spaces. Hanging large, framed pictures on the walls is now being abandoned. It focuses on minimalism and simplicity, which is elegant and very aesthetic at the same time.

It is worth remembering that the most important thing is the first impression our office makes on the person who visits us. If it is positive, this is how the entire enterprise will be perceived. If the feelings are negative, it may affect the entire cooperation. For this reason, in addition to beautiful modern furniture, it is worth taking care of the aesthetics and cleanliness of the room. Just because we think it’s clean and tidy doesn’t necessarily mean it is.

An office in which modernity reigns is the best and most appropriate choice today. It is not worth overwhelming yourself with heavy, sad objects, since there are so many beautiful pieces of furniture with interesting and attractive shapes that do not lose functionality. A company that follows novelties and the spirit of the times shows that it focuses on development. As you know, whoever does not develop, he withdraws. Let us leave classic furniture for the interior of the house, if it suits us. It is worth focusing on modernity in the office.

How to easily improve the appearance of your own office?

Work is a place where virtually everyone spends almost half of their life. More and more people start their own businesses and become their own boss. This means, no less than that, that the office in which we work is in our possession, and therefore we have a responsibility to develop this space.

Standard office
There is no office without a desk and chair. These two elements are standard equipment – the rest can be placed in the room according to individual needs. It should be remembered that a lot of time will be spent in this interior – not only working, but also relaxing or negotiating with clients. It has to be a place where you want to come back and where your customers want to come back. All these conditions must be met in a room that is often very small. Of course, you can use the services of a professional interior decorator, but this involves costs that not everyone can afford.

Receiving customers
office-932926_640Office rooms, which are mainly used to receive clients, should be of a more professional nature, directly related to the company’s operations. The colors should be subdued, avoiding brightness. It should be remembered that it is much easier to match the color of the walls and panels to the color of the furniture than the other way round. It is worth investing in a free wall on which various diplomas and certificates related to the company and the owner will be able to hang. Elegantly framed, they will add to the integrity of the institution itself, and entrepreneurs will add motivation to further work. Greenery in the form of several potted plants cannot be missing. Ideally, they should be undemanding, but elegant at the same time. This will prevent any unnecessary watering or transplanting work. Decorations in the form of paintings, sculptures or photos – including family ones – should depend on the nature of the activity. Moderation above all. However, it is worth considering curtains and carpeting or a carpet, which should be up to a few tones darker than the color of the walls. This simple trick will make the office seem more elegant and modern. You should also think about the desk – it is necessary, but not necessarily when talking to clients. People are much more open and honest when they are not shared with their interlocutor several hundred kilograms of oak wood. For this purpose, if possible, a special zone in the office for receiving customers can be created, where there will be two comfortable sofas.

own work
An office used by an entrepreneur solely for his own work can be arranged in a similar way. In this case, however, more latitude is allowed. The most important thing is the comfort of use and the improvement of the owner’s well-being. Blue and green colors have a calming and relaxing effect – so it is worth thinking about the elements of the decor in this color scheme. Nobody defends that family photos or trinkets that will be nice at work should take the place of honor. It is extremely important to have an appropriate number of compartments for documents and company materials – i.e. cabinets, shelves and desks. Better if they are closed. Nothing has a negative impact on the appearance of an office as piles of documents and invoices on every available space. Lighting is extremely important. Well-chosen lamps and bulbs will not only improve work efficiency, but also minimize the risk of eye diseases and headaches.

Individualism above all
The most important thing is an individual approach to the problem of arranging an office. Unfortunately, there is no one right path, and there are many factors that should be taken into account. What matters is the profile and features of the activity, the character of the owner and, of course, the possibilities of the room itself. The best method is to rely on your own intuition and design the office so that the owner himself feels comfortable and at ease in it. After all the treatments, it is worth inviting a few people from your family or friends to assess the effect and advise on possible corrections. And most likely, only in the course of business, it will turn out what should be changed or added to the interior of the room.

Tips for business: Stand out with packaging!

Apparently, it is not the packaging that counts, but only its contents. Nothing could be more wrong! Even an ordinary box, at first glance, can be a work of art on its own. What is more, it is not only a value in itself, but also can affect the attractiveness of what is inside.

Hand-made packaging
Recently, hand-made packaging has become very fashionable. How much joy it is to prepare such a box on your own! Whenever we have time and appropriate skills, we can choose from patterns, colors, ribbons, beads or bows – the possibilities are endless, they only depend on our idea or occasion. But what if we wanted to make such packaging a little more? We probably couldn’t have prepared them ourselves. In this case, we are looking for a company that will meet our requirements.

There are many companies on the market that deal with the production of storage systems, but not all of them adapt their offer to customer requirements, and there are definitely too few of them on the market. One of them is WOK cartons – a producer of cardboard and cardboard packaging, also those in non-standard sizes. Professional equipment and technical facilities allow us to produce any type of packaging of any shape. Imagine that you want to make a loved one (or loved one) a surprise that requires a unique warp. In such a case, unconventional packaging seems to be an appropriate solution.

But let’s think more globally, let’s say maybe as entrepreneurs, we want to make a positive aesthetic impression on the customer. What should i do? You will probably surprise! What? Maybe an original product packaging design? Guaranteed success. Unique companies, such as WOK, cardboard boxes use only the highest quality materials, and the projects are carried out by experienced and qualified staff, ready to take on the biggest challenges, even if it would mean producing, according to our idea, a small number of items with very unusual dimensions and shapes. But tell me for yourself, something is missing here, right? You will probably ask: what about the imprint? If we wanted a packaging in colorful polka dots, is it possible to implement such an idea? Of course! For experts, nothing is impossible. There are ready-made patterns to choose from, and you can also take advantage of the ingenuity of the “court” artists-visual artists. Or maybe you will create something together? Remember, there are no insurmountable barriers in the creative world.

There has to be a catch here, says the confused client. Oh no! If we say that barriers do not exist, then the world of challenges lies ahead – whether it is a box for storing small items or a large cardboard box the size of a large, three-door wardrobe with a mirror. Take, for example, such a situation – moving, a matter of course quite obvious, but imagine the faces of your neighbors when you pull out a huge, pink cardboard in the shape of a flower from the truck.

To sum up, and in this seemingly innocent field, we can vent our imaginations, get carried away, surprise and delight our friends, clients, or simply make a gift to ourselves.